Air Conditioning Repair and Diagnosis

Did you know that the heating and air conditioning systems are integrated within your vehicle so that some parts of your climate control system are working hard all year long? You can be much more comfortable when your heater or air conditioning is working properly.
Your vehicle’s air conditioning system works like a refrigerator; it pumps freon through an evaporator under the dashboard. The freon absorbs the heat from the passenger compartment, circulates it through the condenser and releases it through the front grill of your car. When your AC is running right his is constant process results in a cool and comfortable driving environment for you. If your air conditioning system doesn’t keep you cool, it’s could be due to a leak in the system. You should have your full climate control system inspected regularly to check for leaks and proper performance.

Diversified Automotive has licensed technicians and State-of-the-art diagnosis equipment for all your climate control needs and Air Conditioning Repair. AC & heating evaluation and diagnostics. Frean evacuation and recharge available. Heater core system diagnosis and repair available, as well as, heater core and blendoor repair and replacement.

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