Scheduled Maintenance

It is important to stay current with the vehicle scheduled maintenance. When you properly maintaining your vehicle, you’ll reduce future repair costs, optimize your car’s over-all performance, you will help to maintain its value and extend the vehicle life. Here are some regular maintenance ideas to keep in mind for your vehicle:

Engine Maintenance
Oil is essential to your engine; just like food for your body. Changing your oil every three months or 3,000 miles is the first thing you should do to keep your car in good mechanical shape. However, there are times when your oil needs some extra attention; for example if you tow a trailer, drive on dusty roads or through dusty areas, or frequently drive in stop-and-go traffic, you should change your oil more often. Many people think they are off the hook if they just “drive around town”…no such luck. Too many short trips doesn’t allow the oil to heat up thus contaminating the oil.

Here are some Engine necessities:
• Change the oil.
• Change the oil filter, air filter and fuel filter.
• Check the PCV valve for proper operation.
• Check the spark plugs and spark plug wires.

The vehicle transmission helps to make your car move by bringing power from the engine to the wheels. You should have the mechanic check the transmission fluid to ensure that your car will continue to shifting smoothly.

Have you ever went out to start your car and nothing happened? It probably had something to do with your car battery. Batter power is the energy that’s needed to start your car’s engine. Your battery also charges the alternator which will re-charge your batter for the next use. Your mechanic should check your battery to make sure it is clean and secure. You don’t want that battery vibrating as that will cause connectivity issues with the terminal. Your mechanic should also check your battery water levels.

Emission System
Did you know the emission system is the length of your vehicle? Your emissions system works to move exhaust away from the engine and YOU! Your emission system is also responsible for the analyzing of the gasses, refining the gasses into water vapor and helps with noise. Without a properly functioning emissions system your car will not likely pass a smog test. Emission problems can lead to costly repairs so you should make sure that your have your emission system checked regularly.

Diversified Automotive provides full scheduled maintenance programs for older and newer vehicles.
Belt service
Brake service
Oil Change
Tire Rotations
Trans Belts
AC service
Factory scheduled maintenance.

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